From the moment a man is born, the Tikun ha-olam - The Repair of the World, can not be done without him.


What is the Tikun (Tikkun) Olam? What does it really mean? What is its origin ? How to realize it?

Tikun Olam: In the Toranic tradition, means any action that aims to improve the world, bringing it closer to the state of completeness according to the purpose for which it was created. Tikoun olam engages the whole humanity to think "to repair" the society. Although the nature of the world is intrinsically good, it is subject to metaphysical gaps; the Creator deliberately left room for creatures to complete his work.


What does Tikoun Olam mean?

Tikoun or Tikkun is often translated by repair. But in the Hebrew Bible and in the first code of Jewish law called the Mishnah, the term has a multitude of meanings: set up, prepare, improve, repair or amend. In the Kabbalah, the tikun also represents union or unification. As for the word "Olam", it means, in the Torah, first the eternal time, and later it will designate the "world".

Tikoun olam therefore implies all men - Jewish or non-Jewish, child or adult, student or teacher, industrialist or artist, doctor or salesman, politician or ecologist. In short, everyone who feels concerned about the future of the world.

It is not only a question of repairing the ravages and devastations of modern society, but also, and above all, of "improving" the material and spiritual conditions of the world. Improve the world in order to prepare it to enter the final phase for which it was created.


What repair-improvement does our world need?

According to Kabbalah (Arizal) the ontological universe was plunged into chaos. By gradation and a series of stages, it has reached maturity with the creation of man. This man, Adam, failed to bring the world to its completeness - eternity. He was then forced out of the primordial program to "come down" to confront the vicissitudes of time. And this, although the Torah testifies that the Creator saw that his creation was "good" and - with the creation of Adam - "very good". All sciences recognize the harmony that exists in the universe, and one can only be amazed at the splendor and coexistence of the laws that make up our world.

If at the cosmogonic or cosmological level, it is necessary to note the synchronicity of a large set of parameters which allows to men "life"; However, it is difficult for man to give meaning to life, let alone to history. While it is precisely here - at the level of history - that men can intervene and complete the work of creation, because the evolution of creation is not yet complete. The role of men is to bring it to its end. If God did the work of creation, He nevertheless destined the completion of men. This is the meaning of the verse: "For on this day (of the Sabbath) God rested from all his work that he had created to be made." (Gen. II, 3).


The Lord - the Ray of the Infinite - is hidden in creation, but his imprint is here. It will be revealed through the history of men. These will give meaning to the events, and so they will reveal the main author (of the world). For this we must meditate each act and register it in the tikoun, in the improvement of the world. It is thus possible to liberate an insignificant act of chaos and vanities and to establish it in the world of completeness. Each one can reveal his singular part in history and play one (his) role in this universal symphony that sings the Glory of the King of the world.


If the Creator is hidden through the envelopes of the laws of the universe and the vicissitudes of time, there is no need to conceal it. The main function of tikoun olam is precisely to reveal the Great Director, so that He shines through every act in a majestic and harmonious beauty. All human activities are opportunities to fulfill this mission, and every human being can be involved in tikkun olam.

Every good action is a decisive element in the repair of the world. But that does not stop here: every aspect of the life of a man, even the most banal, has a goal, and constitutes an opportunity for the tikoun olam. In your workplace, you create a metaphysical dimension by building sincere bonds, uniting your colleagues in a peaceful and harmonious way. The way you eat and what you eat, the way you treat others, your neighbors, as well as the stranger who lives in your city, the commitments you make to your family and friends, the relationships you have with others who are not of your religion, are so many ways of tikkun olam, bringing the world closer to perfection.

Our Project:

The project of Tikoun olam (Tikkun olam) - The Repair of the World is for all those who would like to contribute or, quite simply, those who wish to come forward with us. Each of us feels a special vocation and represents a key determinant for the revelation of the primordial Unity. We can bring together our skills in different fields, languages, cultures and disciplines to contribute to the revelation of Unity and the disclosure of the true teachings of the Kabbalah: The Tikun Olam is the revelation of the "common denominator" that connects all historical events (cultural, linguistic, artistic, scientific, and geopolitical). According to Kabbalah teachings, our universe finds its completeness through human action in time and in history, but this action requires the final revelation of the "hidden" unit that created, and directs everything from the beginning. 'origin. The time of this revelation has arrived. To this day, all ideologies have failed to rescue man. Only his "intelligence" and the true wisdom preserved in the Hebrew Kabbalah are able to achieve it. It is not a matter of imposing an ideological or fallacious unity on us: we know that certain ideas of Unity that exclude the reality of their visual field, are intended to bring more suffering than happiness. It is a question of revealing within the man the action of this Unity, His true presence even where we only perceive conflicts and separations. Just by integrating all the "excluded parts", by means of our own reflection, we can open the way to the real Tikoun olam.


Means to achieve this goal:

This project will be done:

1) by teaching: courses, conferences, debates and seminars around founding texts of the Kabbalah and the universal sciences;

2) by an annual international symposium,

3) by a periodic publication of the results as well as the publication of articles dealing with the subjects that have been debated.

4) Restore a mini auditorium (100 seats) in Beth Ramhal, Jerusalem, on a surface of 140 m2, with all the computer and communicative infrastructure, in order to propagate in a professional way the message of the Tikoun Olam.



Being aware of the interaction and complementary links that unite all civilizations, we must proceed in a first step to the creation of a Study Center for cultural and intellectual development intended for the knowledge of the Oneness of God - the Eternal, the unity of all existence, as a universe Reparation she (Tikun Olam), starting from the primordial tradition.

In a second plan to put this idea of ​​unification into theoretical application in two areas first: physics and psychology, then other areas.


And all this in order to:

1)Promote national and international exchanges, for the Unification of universal and humanistic thought, both philosophical, economic, geopolitical, spiritual, scientific and historical, by all appropriate means of communication.

2)Organize, implement and promote all research and studies on the unveiling of a common denominator of civilizations and major currents of universal thought (religions, humanities, arts).

3) To organize colloquia, conferences, seminars, and to promote a common field of reflection bringing together other humanist organizations, national and international, participating in the development of a system of thought of Unity - as Unification of different facets of reality governing each area, such as: science, philosophy, history.

4) Promote any principle of solidarity, complementarity and equality, in cultural and philosophical exchanges, in order to promote the Unification of human thought in its universal dimension and thus help the progress of human civilization.


To learn more: I invite you to read my first book on Tikoun Olam - The Repair of the World - which deepens this crucial topic according to the Kabbalah of Arizal and Ramhal - published by Éditions Auteurs du Monde, Paris 2016.